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Below are 3 shelters for homeless in Charles, MD County.

Catholic Charities - Angel's Watch Regional Shelter (for Women & Children)
Hughesville, MD - 20637
(301) 274-0680

For many years Angel's Watch Shelter, located in Charles County, MD, has been a source of safety and new beginnings for women and their children fleeing domestic violence or homelessness in southern Maryland. We protect the location and identities of our residents and work one-on-one with them to guide them to an independent life free of abuse.

Life Styles - Robert J. Fuller Transitional House (for Men)
Waldorf, MD - 20602
(301) 645-2933

Catholic Charities - St. Sebastian Town Homes
Hughesville, MD - 20677
(301) 274-0680

St. Sebastian Townhomes—like Catholic Charities’ Fortitude Housing programs—offer a different approach to fighting homelessness.  The program offers its clients permanent housing and one-on-one case management services that help to connect residents with resources targeting individuals experiencing mental health issues or physical disabilities.

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