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Below are 3 shelters for homeless in Cuyahoga, OH County.

Interfaith Hospitality Network Of Greater Cleveland - Tremont Family Center
Cleveland, OH - 44113
(216) 771-9600

The City Mission - Crossroads: Men's Ministries (for Men)
Cleveland, OH - 44103
(216) 572-5500

Men hear about Crossroads from family, friends, pastors, agencies, organizations, or, most commonly, on the street.

The City Mission - Laura's Home (for Women & Children)
Cleveland, OH - 44103
(216) 472-5500

It’s not easy to walk into an emergency shelter for the first time. But life’s circumstances often force the homeless to swallow their pride and fear so that they can escape dangers on the streets and in abusive relationships.  

Raleigh Rescue Mission’s Emergency Overnight Services offer comfortable, safe refuge for single women and mothers with children. All of our guests are given clean clothing, warm showers, personal care items, nutritious meals, and cozy beds to sleep in. During their stay, guests are also offered Medical and Case Management services.

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