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Below are 3 shelters for homeless in Erie, PA County.

Erie City Mission - New Life Program
Erie, PA - 16501
(814) 452-4421

New Life Program (NLP):A long term comprehensive, residential recovery program for men committed to making true change in their lives. The program lasts from 6 months to 2 years. It includes Spiritual Life Development & Bible Study, Addictions recovery, 12-step AA/NA/GA, Cognitive Renewal Classes, as well as GED classes, Medical & Vocational Screening, Group & Individual counseling and internships. It also includes a one month probation/orientation period known as Pre-New Life. 97 men were part of the New Life Program in 2011. Between Pre-NLP and NLP 10,328 bed nights of care were provided.

Erie United Methodist Alliance - Hope House
Erie, PA - 16504
(814) 456-8073

Extended-term (6-12 months) structured living environment where families develop life skills necessary to achieve their goals.Accommodates up to four families at a time.Primary goal is to support our resident’s efforts to overcome the obstacles which have caused them to become homeless

Erie United Methodist Alliance - Liberty House (for Veterans)
Erie, PA - 16502
(814) 874-3687

Accommodates up to ten men in drug and alcohol free home environment.Advocacy and support services.Life skills training with long term housing.Structured program to empower veterans towards permanent housing and self-sufficiency

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