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Below are 3 shelters for homeless in Mobile, AL County.

Interfaith Hospitality Network Of Coastal Alabama
Mobile, AL - 36640
(251) 441-1991

Fortunately, many thousands of people across our country believe that homelessness is unacceptable in the world’s wealthiest society. The Interfaith Hospitality Network offers a way for individuals to work in concert with others to provide real help and compassion and to make real differences in the lives of families. Started in New Jersey in 1986, IHN now has programs in most states across the country, including coastal Alabama.Because the Interfaith Hospitality Network works. Over 70% of the families who participate in IHN programs find permanent housing; guests without jobs often find them, or enter job training programs.Because sheltering homeless families is often too involved for one congregation to do it alone

Volunteers Of America Southeast - Supportive Housing
Mobile, AL - 36609
(251) 300-3500

Homeownership is one of the most revered values held by Americans. In fact, owning a home is widely referred to as the American Dream.However, navigating the home-buying process can be complex, frustrating and intimidating for many households. Many seeking to purchase a home are unsure how to begin and some would-be home buyers face barriers that prevent them from attaining their Dream. Lack of savings, high consumer debt and poor credit history are among the obstacles many households face.

Volunteers Of America Southeast - Elderly Complexes (for Seniors Ages 62+)
Mobile, AL - 36609
(251) 300-3500

Volunteers of America Southeast demonstrates that “there are no limits to caring” through our programs providing services for the elderly. We manage 13 elderly complexes with over 450 units in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi, making every effort to create a community of care that enables individuals to live as independently as possible for as long as possible. We provide an opportunity for seniors over 62 years, with a low income, to live in a safe, comfortable, and affordable setting in a community of care.  Staff members assist tenants with securing community resources, conduct tenant meetings, produce monthly newsletters, and assist with tenant social activities.

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