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Below are 2 shelters for homeless in Polk, IA County.

Hope Ministries - Door Of Faith Men's Recovery Center (for Men)
Des Moines, IA - 50315
(515) 974-0545

At Hope Ministries, we believe in a holistic approach to helping homeless men, women and children. That’s why in addition to providing the basic necessities of life – food, clothing and shelter – we also provide a long-term residential, life-recovery program. Our goal is to address the root causes of homelessness, chronic poverty, addiction and other life struggles and help our recovery residents become productive members of society

Hope Ministries - Hope Family Center (for Women & Children)
Des Moines, IA - 50317
(515) 264-0144

Guests at both our Bethel Mission and Hope Family Center facilities who are ready to make a commitment to long-term change and accountability start out by participating in the first phase of our recovery program. The first phase for men lasts one month; for women and children, two to three months. This is a time of structured transition– and it’s also an evaluation period, meant to test the resolve of residents. Each student has a personalized care plan involving reading assignments, class participation, Bible study, work therapy and addiction counseling. Recovery residents are held to a high standard and agree to intentional accountability.

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