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Below are 3 shelters for homeless in Tulsa, OK County.

Glory House (for Women)
Tulsa, OK - 74159
(918) 584-1808

Glory House helps women who seek positive change.  Women who have suffered abuse, neglect, depression, incarceration, or addiction. Glory House helps women recognize their self-worth and stop the hurt.

The Salvation Army - Project Able
Tulsa, OK - 74103
(918) 582-7201

Project Able:Eligibility: Single individuals who are HOMELESS and are willing to work towards self-sufficiency through employment education and skills training.

The Salvation Army - Supportive Housing Program
Tulsa, OK - 74103
(918) 582-7201

SUPPORTIVE HOUSING PROGRAM:Eligibility: Any family who is homeless and willing to work towards self-sufficiency through education and skills training is eligible. A family is defined as a mother and children, father and children, or a husband, wife and children.

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