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Below are 3 shelters for homeless in Wyandotte, KS County.

Mt. Carmel Redevelopment Corporation - Willa Gill Multi-service Center
Kansas City, KS - 66101
(913) 621-4111

The mission of the Mt. Carmel Redevelopment Corporation is to improve the quality of life for residents of northeast urban Wyandotte County, Kansas through community revitalization and economic development. Mt.Carmel Redevelopment Corporation is designated as a Communty - Based Housing Development Organization (CHDO). A “CHDO” (pronounced “CHO-DOE”) is a special status which the government grants to nonprofit community organizations engaged in housing development activities that benefit low and moderate income families.  As such, MCRC is committed to maintaining accountability to low-income community residents by: (1) Reserving at least one-third of its governing board’s membership for residents of low-income neighborhoods, other low-income community residents, or elected representatives of low-income neighborhood organizations. (2) Providing a formal process for low-income program beneficiaries to advise the organization in its decisions regarding the design, location, development, and management of affordable housing.

Mt. Carmel Redevelopment Corporation - Transitional Housing
Kansas City, KS - 66104
(913) 621-1166

Mt. Carmel Place is a 61-unit housing facility for seniors 55 years old an older with incomes at or below 60% of the median family income for the area. Fifty percent of the units have been allocated to persons with income below 50% of the median income.

Mt. Carmel Redevelopment Corporation - Senior Citizen Housing (for Seniors)
Kansas City, KS - 66102
(913) 621-4111

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