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Cornerstone Mission Project - Dorm Residency (for Men)

3049 Sycamore
Kingman AZ, 86409
Contact Phone: (928) 757-1535
Details: Dorm Residency -- Each man who comes to Cornerstone begins with a one-week observation period. During this time, an evaluation is done to determine the man's needs, his capabilities, and his willingness to begin a new life. At the end of the first week, a full intake is done and the man enters our Dorm Residency program. The resident stays in the dorm, pays rent and laundry expenses, and is assigned household chores regardless of any other employment he may have. If there are prior alcohol- or drug-related issues, the resident is required to attend regular AA and/or NA meetings. The resident is also required to select two other activities from our schedule, making a total of three supervised activities per week.
Comment from Rex Weathersby:

My name is Patricia Miller and my phone number is 541-420-2097. Im in desperate need of help.

I live in Oregon and have no way of going to Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

My cousin is Rex Weathersby and need to stay temparyly in a shelter in mohave county.

He's brother is a truck driver and wont be able to pick  him up right away.

ADP found an Assisted Living Home that is helping out. They can no longer provide housing for him. I cant afford to pay for his care either. He doesnt have dementia.

He is 63 years old and is waiting on eye surgery to regain his vision, go back to work and start leaving on his own. But during this period we are asking for your assistance.

Please give me a call ASAP.

Thank you.

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