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Prologue - Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

3 Milford Mill Road
Baltimore MD, 21208
Contact Phone: (410) 653-6190
Details: Rehabilitation Programs :Prologue offers groups and activities Monday through Friday at the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center at 3 Milford Mill Road in Pikesville. At this community center people come together to learn skills needed to participate in purposeful activities. Providing individuals with opportunities to make meaningful life choices is essential to the process of recovery. Some groups engage in activities such as food preparation and nutrition, education, computer skills, visual arts, verbal arts and exercise. Other groups focus on building basic living skills ranging from personal grooming and money management to career readiness training. Others focus on topics of special relevance to those managing the effects of severe mental illnesses such as symptom management, sobriety support, goal planning, anger management and stress management. Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) is licensed by the State of Maryland and offers many opportunities for personal growth and recovery.

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