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HomeFront - Kinship Families

1880 Princeton Ave.
Lawrenceville NJ, 08648
Contact Phone: (609) 989-9417

This special program provides long-term transitional or service-enriched permanent housing for kinship families who are homeless and challenged by special problems, usually relating to physical or psychological issues.                                                                                                                                    My son Tim was asked to leave his friend's apartment in New Brunswick today. He is homeless.  I would have him here at Rossmoor (Senior Development in Monroe Township), but if he were to be discovered here again, I would be evicted.  He has been here before.  He is a good guy. He graduated from Rutgers. He is 34 years old.  He is intelligent.  He needs help.  He wants to borrow my car to live in... Please help me.


Beverly Reddan


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