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Mission in Citrus Inc. (for Men)

2472 & 2488 North Pennsylvania Ave
Lecanto FL, 34428
Contact Phone: (352) 270-4357
Details: Founded in 2008 Welcome Visitors.. Please take the time to explore our site..We operate the largest shelter system in Citrus County Florida on the smallest budget.The shelters are run solely by the homeless with no paid staff. My vision was that the homeless could help themselves when given the proper resources.They have made me very proud. seventy five beds were created in less than 15 months , and without a dime to start. Our nightly average is 90. Our goal for the remainder of 2012 is to add a larger family shelter and 100 beds. The three year plan is to wipe out homelessness in Citrus County, while creating 50 jobs. We remain unchallenged for anyone to provide and prove better results. We are truly faith based as God runs things around here. The picture above is the new face of homelessness. We operate as a family at our shelters. Offering each other a hand up, not a a hand out. You will never find a shelter like us..God bless you and stop by for a visit. All our shelters are open to the public without appointment.You will not find another shelter system running, using less dollars, and more sense
Comment from angelo:

gentlemen as of right now im homeless sleeping in my car due to the fact i was unlawfully evicted and my security dep, was not returned, i went to small cain=ms and judge will here my case end july. i need someplace to stay can you help


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