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Below are 2 shelters for homeless in Hamilton, IN County.

The O'connor House (for Pregnant Women & Children)
Carmel, IN - 46082-1061
(317) 844-9562

The O’Connor House accepts single, pregnant women over the age of 18 who are homeless and experiencing crisis. Women may stay for a period up to 18 months during her pregnancy and afterwards.

Third Phase
Noblesville, IN - 46060
(317) 773-5100

Shelter for clients is provided in two forms.  The largest capacity exists for providing emergency shelter for both single women and single men.  These areas are physically in different areas/floors of the home.  Beds exist to handle up to 66 individuals.  Emergency shelter is provided for up to thirty days. In addition, there is a separate housing unit on the property used to provide transitional housing to those qualifying women who need the additional support to move from an emergency shelter situation to independent living.  The qualifying individuals can reside in this housing unit for up to one year with timing dependent upon the individual’s situation.

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