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Below are 2 shelters for homeless in Hamilton, TN County.

Chattanooga Room In The Inn (for Women & Children)
Chattanooga, TN - 37404
(423) 624-6144

Chattanooga Room in the Inn (CRITI) is a three to nine month residential program for homeless women and children. Services provided at CRITI are free of charge and include transitional housing, three meals a day, access to affordable or free health care, life skills training, parenting classes, mentoring, assistance with finding affordable housing, and case management services. This program allows the women and their children to find stability and thereby increase their opportunities and chances for independence when they leave the program

The Chattanooga Rescue Mission
Chattanooga, TN - 37404
(423) 756-3126

Temporary, emergency, overnight only shelter. 5:00 p.m. - 5:50 a.m.  Need ID

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